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Samantha Horab • Loan Processing Specialist

Oh, the stories Samantha could tell!  With a degree in broadcast journalism, the contrast to being in small business financing seems a bit unusual. Truth be told, she happened into the banking industry during college and found her passion for working with lending.  So, she stayed the course.  Eight years later, in 2016, Samantha joined Dakota Business Lending because of her love for the details of working with loans and she was drawn to the culture of the small, close knit team.

Samantha is a designer of better ways to serve people.  She has a knack for understanding the subtleties of the details and rules to help those around her get more effective results from the systems and procedures.  Taking care of people is what matters most to her and she approaches every project with the intent of figuring out how it will help those involved.  This natural ability helps us tell the small business story and get loans approved.

SBA 504
Interest Rates

March 2020
10 Yr: 2.847%
20 Yr: 2.808%
25 Yr: 2.881%


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