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Dakota Business Lending Headquarters

A state-of-the-art facility built with a story to tell!

Root Connection

This new, state-of-the-art headquarter building was constructed utilizing as many Dakota Business Lending borrowers, partners, and clients as possible, connecting us to the root of our brand and making those honorable partnerships a part of our day-to-day business.

Unique Purpose

The new Dakota Business Lending facility provides many unique and open thinking spaces, creating an atmosphere for creative thinking and problem solving. It was intentionally designed to offer our team and partners a variety of options for all of their meeting needs, both large and small.

Rich History

Dakota Business Lending used fortified wood beams from the old Corwin warehouse in downtown Fargo, salvaged wood from various barns throughout MN and IN, and utilized wood paneling from ND & MN barns and grain elevator structures, interweaving the history of others with our own.

A state-of-the-art facility designed
just for you!

Our success is largely attributed to our clients, borrowers, and partners who we serve. That is why we have designed a facility that not only taps into creativity, innovation, and collaboration, but one that extends outwards to those who have made this success possible. We invite you to come in – free of charge – utilize our space, and continue to grow your business like you helped grow ours.


  • Private and comfortable “conference room” style atmosphere
  • Large, open space full of natural light
  • Seats 25-35 people
  • Customizable work space with easily movable desks and chairs
  • Video conference capability
  • Perfect for presentations or large meetings

The Coop

  • Smaller, more private space
  • Place to “get down to business”
  • Seats 3-5 people
  • Highly networked area
  • Free of distractions
  • High-tech equipment
  • Video conference capability
  • Encourages communication and creative thinking

The Upper Room

  • Relaxing and comfortable atmosphere
  • Social space with a “lounge” feel
  • Holds 5-10 people
  • Perfect for impromptu discussions or a brainstorming session
  • Coffee bar
  • Perfect place to think outside the box

The Kitchen

  • Available for use with any room
  • Bring in catered meals

Want to Use Our Space for Your Business?

Call 701-293-8892 or email us to reserve the space.