Introducing More Resource Partners

Nov 15, 2022

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It is very common for small business to, at some point, need assistance with formalizing business plans, forecasting, analyzing business financials, and other business ownership details.

Fortunately, there are many FREE resources available to help put those pieces together for you.

Here are some more entrepreneurial development resources for education, training, and technical assistance:


U.S. Small Business Administration

A nationwide organization that connects entrepreneurs with lending programs, trainings, events, and learning resources (both locally and nationally) to help them start, plan, or grow their business


Department of Commerce

Provides funding/grant programs, online tools, registration services, and other business assistance to create economic growth and opportunities for communities

ND Department of Commerce Logo
MT Department of Commerce Logo
Bank of North Dakota Logo

Bank of North Dakota

A state-owned, state-run bank with unique financial solutions for small businesses throughout the state

Check out the article in our previous issue to see more resource partners available to help you and your business succeed.