SBA 504 Interest Rates | May 2023 | 10 Yr: 6.054%, 20 Yr: 6.079%, 25 Yr: 6.026% *rates may vary Learn More »

What can the SBA 504 be used for?

Eligible projects: The SBA portion of these 504 financing packages may be used for the following fixed-asset projects:

  • Real Estate acquisition, construction, renovation or expansion, including the purchase of land.
  • Land and site improvements, including grading, streets, parking lots, utilities or landscaping.
  • Purchase and installation of new or used machinery and equipment.
  • Interest on interim financing.
  • Professional fees directly attributable and essential to the project such as surveying, engineering, architectural or legal.
  • Business acquisition or partner buyout of the above uses may be eligible.
  • Limited debt refinance with expansion.
  • Straight refinance of commercial real estate, eligible fixed assets and cash out for business operating expenses.
    *interest rate for straight refinance is .027% higher than the posted 504 rates