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Interest Rates
April 2019

10 Yr: 4.628%

20 Yr: 4.367%

25 Yr: 4.532%

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Excellence in Lending

At Dakota Business Lending, we accept nothing but the best. We are driven to be a trusted partner and our work speaks for itself.
We're proud of our accomplishments and impact it's made on our communities.
How Dakota Business Lending is ​setting
the bar in Business Lending:
We Focus on YOU!
It’s all about YOU and your business!
At Dakota Business Lending, we are focused on finding the right financing package for you. We listen to your needs.  We’ll find the right program for you, not just make a loan for us.  If we don’t have the best answer, we’ll tell you that too.
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We've Approved 88% of SBA 504 Loans!
Dakota Business Lending has approved & funded 88% of all SBA 504 loans ever provided in North Dakota!
We have the knowledge and experience to do the most complex deals for our borrowers and lending partners.
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We Think Outside The Box!
When the deals get tough, that’s where we shine the brightest.
We have several programs that can fit many different financing needs.  Additionally, we collaborate with other lenders and other programs to find the best financing packet for the small business.
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Over 35 Years of Success!
Every business that we finance is a unique story.
The journeys, owners, challenges and results are different and amazing.  For over 35 years, we have had the honor of being a trusted financing partner in many, many of these stories.
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Over $500 Million Financed!
Over 35 Years of Lending Excellence
Since 1982, our programs have provided over $500 Million in loans to small businesses across the entire state of ND and in western MN.
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Over $1 Billion of Impact!
Making an Impact
Since our loans work in conjunction with other loans from banks, credit unions and other financing partners, when you look at the total financing impact of all those sources combined, we have been involved in projects totaling over $1 Billion!
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Over 1400 Success Stories!
The number of stories is still growing
We love to hear the stories and do our part in the continued success of our borrowers so that the stories continue on and hopefully become legacies.
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Over 20,000 Jobs Created!
A true job creator
It’s not just the amount of loans that’s important.  The financing we have provided has had a direct impact of creating over 20,000 jobs in communities across the state.  These jobs are critical to the local economies, especially in our rural towns.
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#1 SBA Lender in ND!
For 9 consecutive years, Dakota Business Lending has been awarded the 2018 District Director Award as the top SBA 504 Lender
Not only do we deliver the most SBA loans, but when you look at the numbers in total, 25% of ALL SBA loan dollars loan in ND go through Dakota Business Lending.  The other 75% is a total of all banks, credit unions and other lenders that deliver SBA loans. Really, that is an incredible number!
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Over $2 Million Donated!
A true job creator
As a mission based, not-for-profit lender, all of our earnings are reinvested in programs that benefit small businesses.
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