Community Impact

There is an abundance of ways in which Dakota Business Lending works to help create stable small businesses across North Dakota and Western Minnesota. As our team inspires local entrepreneurism and enhances the connection between the borrower and the lender, owners and their organizations grow into trusted pillars of their communities and are equipped to make their own impact in the regions they serve.

How Dakota Business Lending is working in our local communities


Main Street Program

Start-ups and emerging small businesses breathe new life into communities all around North Dakota, Montana, and western Minnesota. Dakota Business Lending created the Main Street Loan program in 2009 to encourage the creation and stability of small businesses. We invested over $400,000 dollars to create the Main Street Program to support start-ups and emerging small businesses. This program is completely funded by Dakota Business Lending and does not utilize any state or federal support.


Women’s Business Summit

Dakota Business Lending sees first-hand how women are making a difference in the world of small business, which is why we are a proud partner of the Women’s Business Summit. The WBS is a summit to bring women in North Dakota together to inspire entrepreneurism and personal growth, provide career advancement and business development skills, and connect women with resources and opportunities. By forging partnerships, we are helping make a difference in women’s lives in North Dakota.


Trustee with Kiva

Small, start‐up, and home‐based businesses are the engine of economic growth and job creation. This is why we became a Trustee of Kiva in 2014. This non-profit organization Kiva serves entrepreneurs in the U.S. who are looking for microfinance loans. Our endorsement with Kiva expands financial opportunities, reduces capital costs, and enhances connections between the borrowers and lenders. Specifically, we can access up to $25,000 at a zero percent rate for small businesses. To date, Dakota Business Lending has sponsored 14 small businesses for a total of $82,000.


Partner with PTAC

Dakota Business Lending has a passion for strengthening the North Dakota economy. This was the driving force behind our partnership with the Impact Foundation: Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). The Impact Foundation teaches fundraising so that non-profits can tap into the abundance of wealth in our region. This foundation also aims to help businesses expand into the government market. The PTAC delivered comprehensive procurement technical assistance to businesses wanting to sell their goods and services to the government. From 2012-2017, Dakota Business Lending contributed $167,050 to the Impact PTAC Center, which was used to create or retain at least 400 jobs and helped businesses secure over $96 million in government contracts.

How is Dakota Business Lending working to strengthen the North Dakota economy through this partnership? Our involvement was critical in the formation of the Impact Foundation through a $100,000 grant that was utilized to access over $20 million in health related grants for the state of North Dakota.


Dakota Certified Development Corporation Charitable Fund

It all started with a strategic planning session in 2005. At that time, an idea was born that was aimed at creating long-term impact on the growth and economy of North Dakota. At Dakota Business Lending, we are passionate about developing efforts to further our mission.

The Dakota Business Lending Charitable Fund was formed to raise funds that provide financing solutions through collaborative partnerships in a supportive and creative environment. The ultimate goal is to grow the economy and create and preserve quality jobs in North Dakota, Montana, and Western Minnesota.