We're on a Mission - Join Us!

Joining others on their journey to success.

Small business ownership is an adventure, and we love to be a part of it. We are working to form collaborative partnerships that provide solutions to entrepreneurs and truly make a difference in the lives of those around us. If you love helping others achieve their goals and making an impact in your communities, come along as we join small businesses on their journey to success!

A state-of-the-art facility designed with intention.

Designed intentionally with collaboration, teamwork, and giving back to the community in mind, our headquarters creates an atmosphere for creative thinking and problem solving. The facility contains many unique and open thinking spaces, meeting rooms, flexible seating and working areas, a full kitchen, and space for creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

We believe the space allows us to grow as a team and broaden our impact on small business, and we think you will too!

Setting company culture at the foundation.

At the forefront of our organization is promoting a vibrant, collaborative, value-driven company culture. We work hard to promote a healthy work/life balance, operate with a “work hard, play hard” mentality, and constantly seek ways to move our team from “good” to “great”.

LEAD is our leadership and culture initiative that drives our culture strategy. From regular team meetings and a variety of team activities, to personal development opportunities and valuable benefits, we are constantly working to grow and expand our culture to impact not only our team, but the communities and networks they surround themselves with.

Core Values

Our organization is driven by Integrity, Dedication, Knowledgeable, Professionalism, Responsiveness. In addition, we encourage each team member to come up with their own core value to grow in each calendar year.

Teamwork Activities

From quarterly in-person LEAD meetings to events and activities led by our “Joy Team”, we are always doing something to grow as a team and organization.

Personal and Professional Growth

We care not only about each other’s professional growth and development, but your personal development as well. Our organization works with your personal goals and integrates them into our workplace.

Celebrating Success

Our focus is not only on our organization’s success, but your individual success at well. When you have a win, we all celebrate. Bells ring, papers flyer, and we all share in that success. Here, you are truly celebrated, valued, and appreciated.

Valuable Benefits

From flexible work hours, volunteer time, casual/business casual dress code, and personal development opportunities, we offer unique and valuable benefits that help you succeed both personally and professionally. In addition, our top-notch benefits package includes vacation time, paid holidays, premium health, vision, and dental coverage, a 401K matching plan, and a competitive salary based on experience.

Join us on this journey towards helping small business owners realize their dreams and impacting our communities!

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