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March 2019

10 Yr: 4.628%

20 Yr: 4.586%

25 Yr: 4.741%

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Workshops & Events

Below is a list of upcoming workshops and events at Dakota Business Lending

Activate Your Finances: Understanding Budgeting and Forecasting
The measure of our success at Dakota Business Lending is told in the stories of our borrowers and partners -- like you -- who have allowed us to join you on your journey. While financing is a major aspect of starting or expanding a business, we both know the journey does not end there, but has only just begun. Our team holds both personal and professional growth in high regard and wish to join you on that journey as well. That is why Dakota Business Lending is offering its first ever FREE “Activate Women” learning workshop series - Activate Your Finances: Understanding Budgeting & Forecasting. Learn from women entrepreneurs throughout the community and dive into perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of your business: your financials.
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Sample Event A
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Sample Event B
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