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Our latest issue of ACTIVATE Magazine highlights the amazing women we have the privilege of working with every day.  From various resources, business programs, and financing options that help women ACTIVATE their business, to inspiring stories of those who have done just that, this issue celebrates the best parts of the women owned businesses we know and love.


ACTIVATE Magazine Articles

Partnerships, Power, & Potential

Forming a partnership takes careful consideration, time, and strategy, but can have a huge impact both parties involved. Whether your business has established countless partnerships before, or you are considering forming your first one, here is just a few of the many benefits that this professional relationship can bring to you and your business...
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Setting the Record Straight: Resources that Exist for Women Business Owners

There is a common misconception that little to no resources exist for women entrepreneurs. Financing, leadership, training, management…you name it. Many believe these are hard to find. But as an entity that works with countless entrepreneurs, we have seen individuals and organizations...
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Supporting Small Business – Why and How

You hear it said over and over – “You should support small business”. You see the little stickers in every downtown window – “Shop Small.” There is even a day dedicated to it - “Small Business Saturday.” But why is it so important? And what does it really mean to support small business?...
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Red Door Pediatric Therapy

Red Door Pediatric Therapy: A Successful Dakota Business Lending Borrower Featured in    Heather Arnt and Kelli Ellenbaum had been joking about starting their own private practice since they met as freshman at the University of North Dakota. After attending almost every class together, the Speech-Language Pathologists parted ways after graduate to pursue job opportunities…
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Help for Heroes: Resources Available for Veteran Business Owners

Like the variety of benefits offered to active and retired veterans and their families for their dedication and service to our country, a multitude of resources is also offered to those veteran entrepreneurs who continue to support and grow our communities day in and day out through business ownership...
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Craig's Small Engine Repair

Craig’s Small Engine Repair

Craig’s Small Engine Repair: A Successful Dakota Business Lending Borrower Featured in    Craig Helberg has always had a knack for fixing and repairing things. Even as a child, he was constantly taking things apart, figuring out how they work, and putting them back together. It wasn’t until many years later, when he had a…
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Woodland Resort

Woodland Resort

Woodland Resort: A Successful Dakota Business Lending Borrower Featured in    30 years ago, Woodland Resort in Devils Lake, North Dakota, was nothing but cattle pastures and farmland. The grandparents of Kyle Blanchfield had purchased and lived on the farmstead off the shore of Creel Bay since the mid-1940’s. In 1988, Kyle’s grandparents were no…
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