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Our latest (and FIRST EVER) issue of ACTIVATE Magazine is jam packed with resources, tools, and stories to help you start and grow your business. From stories of businesses working through a global pandemic, to the nitty gritty details of the SBA 504 financing program and how it can help businesses succeed, this issue showcases the best parts of Dakota Business Lending, small business, and the communities we know and love.

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Introducing Our Resource Partners

It is very common for small business to, at some point, need assistance with formalizing business plans, forecasting, analyzing business financials, and other business ownership details. Fortunately, there are many FREE resources available to help put those pieces together for you. Here are four entrepreneurial development resources...
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The 411 on the 504

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably heard of the SBA 504 loan program. But what exactly does this loan program entail, how can it be used, and what advantages does it offer for current and aspiring entrepreneurs? We’re here to give you the 411 on the 504 and all that it can do to help small business owners throughout their business journey...
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Responding to Crisis: How Small Businesses are Facing Challenges with Resilience

In the past few years especially, small business owners have been facing challenges like never before. But even in the midst of these hardships, these inspiring entrepreneurs have proven to be relentless in their pursuit of small business success. These are their stories...
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More Than Just the Numbers

As an impact-driven organization with a desire to be a resource to small business owners and create partnerships that make a difference, our success is so much bigger than the amount of loans we provide or the number of businesses we have helped. The statistics below are more than just numbers…they a tangible sign of the impact our programs bring to the small business owners we serve....
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Ask Dakota Business Lending – Issue 1

As a key resource for business owners, Dakota Business Lending wants to help you find the answers you need to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. That is why we are answering YOUR questions about all things financing, entrepreneurship, and small business. Here’s this issue’s top five questions for Dakota Business Lending.
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From Doing to Leading: The Art of Delegation

If there were a way for you to find more time for yourself and also build your people, you would want to know more about it, wouldn’t you? When done correctly, delegation is a logical process with planning and forethought that leverages talent, skills, and workload to create a win-win situation for everyone involved...
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Meet our DBL Board of Directors: Mike Connor

Mike Connor first joined the Dakota Business Lending Board of Directors in January of 2002 and is currently the longest standing member of the board. Originally from Devils Lake, ND, he has spent a majority of his professional career in economic development and has served his community for 40+ years through a variety of management jobs, boards, and organizations...
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Small Business…Big Impact

At the core of every small business are brave, resilient, and inspiring individuals with an incredible drive to serve others and help make the world a better place. These business owners are the movers, shakers, do-ers, and dreamers that transform our communities and create a ripple effect, trickling their impact into their economies and their state...
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